Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring 2013 Island Parties in pictures

By Robert Bember
Senior Communications Advisor

The inaugural Island Party in 1985, which announced the founding of the fraternity, had a budget of $75 and was held in an apartment complex in Austin. Those founders couldn't have anticipated when they hosted Island Party that the event would grow into what it is. After 28 years, 28 chapters and thousands upon thousands of dollars, Island party remains the staple event for Beta Upsilon Chi. A number of chapters hosted their annual Island Party in recent weeks. Take a look at the pictures and see the numerous creative ideas the chapters have come up with for Island Party.

The Alpha Chapter played host to around 1,000 attendants for a huge dance party near campus. Prior to the start of the dance party, students joined the brothers for a worship service at the venue.
Brother Joe Work served as the DJ for the Alpha Chapter's Island Party.
The Omega Chapter at Auburn had great success in hosting a dance party this semester as Island Party.
The Psi Chapter at LSU featured Jason Castro in a concert on the campus's parade grounds.
Between sets, audience members competed in a limbo competition on stage.
The Alpha Alpha Chapter at NC State hosted a volleyball tournament in which over 6 other Greek organizations participated. The profits went towards the winning team's philanthropy.
Oklahoma BYX hosted a huge Rave this spring and had a strong turnout to get their dance on with a local DJ setting up the lights and sound. It was a great night to bust out the neon.
The Oklahoma Chapter switched from putting on a concert to hosting a rave this year, and the new format was a huge success.
SMU BYX hosted Island Party outside their rec center which included dancing, competitions, food, break-dancing and a volleyball tournament with nearly 30 teams.  Only one BYX guy could play on each team to get as many people to play as possible!
SMU BYX had many competitions, one of which was a pineapple balancing act. The night before the outdoor festivities, the Mu Chapter hosted a luau dance party on campus.
The weather wasn't going to keep the Theta Chapter at UNT from putting on their State Fair inspired Island party, featuring fair food, balloon artists and a mechanical bull.
The Gamma Chapter at Texas A&M has historically hosted a musical festival at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheatre in College Station. The chapter hosts various ministries and camps as part of a ministry fair, and a number of businesses sell refreshments.
A large crowd enjoyed a concert featuring Andy Mineo and Tim Halperin as well as Gospel presentations from different speakers.
Attendants could enjoy a number of activities at the Gamma Chapter's Island Party, including sumo wrestling suits, inflatables and tailgating games.
In the days leading up to Island Party at the University of Georgia, sororities competed in a banner competition.
Attendants danced to music played by the DJ from the stage.
What separated the Pi Chapter's dance party from others was the paint that party goers threw all over themselves and others throughout the night.
The Tennessee Chapter capped off their week's worth of Island Party events with a huge party at the World's Fair. With only three semesters under their belt, the Tennessee Chapter's open parties already have a huge reputation on campus.

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  1. Awesome to see fellow brothers expressing the name of Christ! Keep it up fellas!